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Web design and online marketing services

Want to have an online presence, but uncertain about where to start?

You’re right to want to use all the internet marketing tools available to you to grow your business. Your competitors are taking advantage of Digital Marketing to get more customers, why shouldn’t you?
Mango42 provides everything you need to establish and enhance your online presence.

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Website Design and Development

The most successful websites have more than a cool design.  A Successful website  gives you an edge over your competition.

Your website needs to do more than just look impressive.  Website Design Project Plan

  • It needs to clearly show the products and services you’re offering.
  • It needs to be easy to navigate
  • It needs to be simple and uncluttered
  • It needs to be search engine friendly

At Mango42 we combine our creative talent and SEO experience to produce hard working websites which don’t compromise on design.

We focus on what each page does because each page on your site is an opportunity for you to persuade, convince and convert a customer.

  • Want a website that you can edit and add to yourself? We offer options including WordPress and simple Content Management Systems that you can control.
  • Would rather leave technical stuff to technical people? We can build a website that you’ll never have to touch. The decision is in your hands.

We offer many services – what you get depends on what you wants or need, and specialize in websites for entrepreneurs, professionals and small businesses.

The Mango42 Website Development Process is one-third planning, one-third design and one-third production.

Planning: Your dedicated Mango42 Project Coordinator will ask you questions concerning everything from your ideas about design style to content, target users to website goals.

Don’t have many ideas of your own – don’t worry, we can help with that too.

Your Project Coordinator will discuss your needs and make recommendations regarding website content and functionality until we mutually agree on how best to proceed with the design.

Design: Based on the direction established in the Planning Stage, during the Design Stage your Mango42 design team will assemble the creative components tie all the website pieces together. Your Project Coordinator will present you with a proposed mockup of your homepage and an internal page and make necessary revisions until the design has been signed off on and the site is ready to move into the build stage.Once you sign off on the plan (site map, desired features, project scope, etc.), you can sit back and relax while we build your new web site.

Development: During the Development Stage, the actual website sections and pages are built. It is at this point that we install any online marketing tools (Google Places, Facebook pages, etc.). Any functionality requiring specialized programming is completed and content is added to the website at this point in the process.

We rely on you to provide the content for your website, however, if you prefer, we have skilled copywriters and graphic designers on our team who can create your website content for you.

We can also create a unique and memorable corporate identity, and work with you on all of your graphic design needs.

At Mango42 we incorporate quality assurance throughout all stages of your website’s development. Your website pages are tested on all browsers to ensure cross browser compatibility and the features of your website are tested by both Mango experts and the you until all fixes, tweaks and revisions are completed and signed off on.

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Web Site Reviews and Makeovers

Disappointed with the look or the performance of your current web site?

Website Review and Makeover

How do you know if you have a website that really works? It’s simple – just ask yourself the following 2 questions:

1) Is my website automatically attracting and delivering pre-qualified traffic (potential customers, clients, patients) to my business’ door?

2) Is my website helping me convert those visitors into hot prospects and actual buyers?

If your website is getting the job done then the answer to each question will be “YES”. If either answer is a “NO” then your current web site is not up to par, and you are likely losing customers to businesses who compete with you and who have worked at building a stronger online presence.

Before you invest another penny, we can help you determine if you need to start from scratch or if your current web site just needs a face-lift. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll take a look at your website and discuss your options for improving your site’s performance. Get Your Free Consultation

SEO: So Customers Can Find Your Website

Customers Searching Online

Is Your Website Being Found?

Right now people are actively searching for products, services and information that are similar to the products you sell or the services you provide.

Searching is the most common activity on the Internet. Millions upon millions of searches are made every day by people searching for goods, services and information. With over 100 million websites on the web, the competition for visitors has never been so intense, and the reward for highly ranked sites has never been greater.

How Can You Connect With Searchers?

There are two options when it comes to ranking well in the major search engines:

  • You can PAY for sponsored listings, or –
  • You can achieve high organic rankings – which are FREE – through Search Engine Optimization, often referred to as SEO.

Sponsored listings are available through Google Adwords as well as other Pay Per Click (PPC) systems. – PPC is fantastic for short term promotion of your website. You can simply spend your way to the top of the sponsored rankings and receive instant traffic to your site. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of achieving high rankings in the organic listings. It offers far higher returns than PPC promotion.

Search Engine Optimization of  your website attracts more business

Why Do I Need SEO?

You may need SEO because of the results a well executed SEO strategy can deliver

  • Improved search engine rankings
  • Increased targeted traffic
  • Branding benefits through greater visibility
  • Improved marketing ROI due to the cost effectiveness of SEO techniques

That being said, you don’t necessarily need SEO. If your website is already placing high in search results, SEO may not be able to provide you with any significant improvements. However, we’d believe there’s almost always room for improvement, after all:

Improved Search Engine Rankings = More Traffic = More Leads = More Sales = $$$$$ (ROI)

Businesses that contact Mango42 for Search Engine Optimization are typically:

  • Frustrated that they can not be found on Google, Yahoo or Bing
  • Eager to rank higher than the competition on organic searches
  • Suffering from a lack of traffic and online leads and a subsequent loss in sales

Does SEO Work?

Yes….but it takes time. SEO results are never visible overnight. Working with SEO is like planting a garden – you can’t grow a tomato overnight. Like a garden SEO takes time to plant, toot up, grow, blossom and produce fruit – increased visibility and increased profits. If you’re looking for a quick fix, then Search Engine Optimization is not right for you (and, unfortunately, you’ll be losing customer to those of your competitors who are more patient.)

Why Hire a Professional for your SEO

Factors influencing SEO are extremely fluid and change almost weekly.

To stay fully up-to-date with all the elements that influence your website’s search position would prove impossible for most companies – so you need to entrust it to an expert that specializes in this field.

  • An SEO professional keeps abreast of the changing rules, guidelines and algorithms that affect your search engine optimization efforts.
  • SEO professionals understand the difference between “white hat” SEO methods and the “black hat” methods that may find your website penalized (black-listed) by search engines
  • SEO involves a combination of many time-consuming tasks, making it more efficient to outsource SEO work on your website

If you’re unsure whether SEO is what you need to improve your Digital Marketing, give us a call at 519-266-6749 Ext. 9 or 1-888-653-2922 Ext. 9., or request a FREE Consultation by clicking on the banner below. If we think we can help, we’ll talk about next steps. If we don’t think we’re the best solution,we’ll tell you so. After all, there is no point is wasting your money and our time.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Not sure where to start or what your next move is?

Digital Marketing StrategyEvery business needs a Digital Marketing Strategy to remain competitive online and offline.

A Digital Marketing Strategy Will:

  • Harness the power of the Internet to work for you
  • Improve your website’s online visibility and competitiveness
  • Effectively promote and sell your products and services online
  • Improve the number of quality of visitors to your site
  • Expand your customer base and increase your sales and profits
  • Build trust and credibility with your customers
  • Give you a strong competitive advantage
  • Give you the biggest bang for every digital marketing dollar you spend

We at Mango42 can help you create a Digital Marketing Strategy that will ensure that you use all the online marketing tools available to grow your business and stay ahead of the competition.

To start, we work with you to select the most appropriate tactics to deliver on your strategy: determine the ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’, and ‘how’ we can deliver on your strategic marketing objective. We then provide you with a roadmap of online marketing activities designed to achieve the results you want.

Having a digital marketing strategy and plan gives you a strong and significant competitive advantage: You know where you are going and how you’re going to get there. Businesses without a strategy and plan can waste time and money on the wrong tactics.

Your Custom Internet Strategy May Include Any or All of the Following:

Market Research & Opportunity Identification

We listen to you and your team, and conduct market research to scope out your market and competitive position. We then identify opportunities in the market that you can exploit to grow your business and leap ahead of your competition.

Develop Your Digital Marketing Strategy

We’ll help you develop a vision and specific objectives for your business, measure the gap between your current online activities and where you want to be, and set out a step by step plan on how to get there.

Promote Your Business With an Digital Marketing Plan

Our online marketing experts will help you optimize your site for search engines (so that potential customers can find it), and identify opportunities related to social media, online advertising, inbound marketing, e-mail marketing and mobile platforms.

Provide Coaching and Follow-up Services You can count on us to provide you with as much support as you need as you roll out your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Ready to get started or want to learn more? Just ask for a Free Consultation and we have a chat about how Mango42 can help you.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Use Pay Per Click Advertising and Target Your Customers

Pay-per-click advertising is the fastest way to get your website in front of potential customers.

PPC advertising is fantastic for short term promotion of your website, particularly if you’re just starting out and your new web site is still buried somewhere on page 30 of Google search results where no one can see it.

A Pay Per Click Campaign

Attracts More Visitors To Your Website We create highly targeted and compelling campaigns that improve sales and lead generation.

Provides Highly Targetable Advertising Promote your message to your target demographic based on gender, location, age, income and interests.

Gets You More Customers & Increases Your Sales Brick and mortar businesses can reach their audience based on their physical location, driving in more walk-in traffic and leads.

Our PPC team at Mango42 can design a PPC campaign targeted at just the customers you want to attract.

Click here to learn more about how PPC works and how Mango42 can help you successfully manage your campaigns.

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Web Site Maintenance Services

Once I Have a Website Can I Make Changes To My Site?

Yes! But who makes the changes (you or us) depends on whether you took complete control of your website once you gave it your final approval … or if you decided to hire us for ongoing maintenanceWebsite Maintenence Services

By the way, we purposely stick to using WordPress, a Content Management System that you or your staff could use – if you wanted to – This is a good thing for you, because if, at any point, you want to completely take over the ongoing maintenance of your web site … you will be able to do so.

Within WordPress, we help you to choose the right design, then we adjust it, add some bells and whistles to it and configure it, so that it is perfect for your business. Next we show you how to add your own content if this is what you want to do. If preferred, we can add the content for you and you can come back to us each time you want the site updated. However we do encourage you to become more self-sufficient – that is our method as we believe it leads to a better website for your business.

Many of our clients have told us they absolutely love this, because they know they’re not ‘trapped’ having to pay maintenance fees forever, unless they want to outsource these responsibilities, in which case you can count on us to look after this for you.

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Our work is backed by over a decade of experience in the field and by our iron-clad quality guarantee.

When you go ahead and contact us for your initial FREE consultation, we’ll have a relaxed chat over phone. That’s a great opportunity for you to determine if our suite of services is what you need …. before you spend a single penny.

So … what’s next?

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