The Top 9 Reasons To Use WordPress For Your Web Site

The Top 9 Reasons To Use WordPress For Your Web Site

We love the wordpress platformHere at Mango42 we’re proud of the fact that we’ve been using WordPress since we started, and we build all of our customer web sites on the WordPress platform.

Here are the top 9reasons why we love WordPress (and you will too):

1.WordPress Is Powerful: There is almost no limit to what you do with a WordPress site. There are countless of plugins, including shopping carts available which allow you to implement all sorts of customizations. This makes it a fantastic platform for most local businesses.

2.WordPress Is Flexible And Easy To Use: Unlike web sites of old, making changes and adding additional features is easy in your WordPress web site.
While we understand that there is always a learning curve with anything new, WordPress is very easy to use once you get the hang of it (and it isn’t hard to get the hand of it). Even for those of us who know how to write html code … using WordPress and the visual editor that comes with it, is much easier! And WordPress is flexible too. You can add your own content, photos, video and so much more whenever you wish. It is that easy.

3. WordPress Makes It Easy To Add A Blog: If you want to start blogging WordPress makes it easy for you to self-publish content to your web site.

4. WordPress Is Search Engine Friendly: WordPress makes it easy to structure your site titles, descriptions, and site structure in such as way that enhances their visibility to search engines. After all, what is the point of having a great website if no one sees it?

5. WordPress Is Web-based: You can login to WordPress from anywhere you have an internet connection. Desktop, laptop, or even mobile device.

6. WordPress Plugins Give You Great Flexibility: If you have a smart phone or tablet, you are already accustomed to the concept of “apps”. WordPress has similar functionality using its own version of apps called “plugins”. The variety and breadth of plugins is extensive. Basically, is you can think of a WordPress function which is not available in the basic WordPress version, then, chances are, somebody has probably written a plugin to do it.

7. WordPress Is Well Established: WordPress isn’t going anywhere. There is a huge community of WordPress users around the world. Some estimates point that over 40% of all new web sites are build on WordPress. The point being, if you’re afraid that WordPress will vanish – don’t worry – it won’t.

8. WordPress Websites Give You Great Design: Mango42 focuses on building clean, modern, and professional web sites, and WordPress gives us the ability to design great web sites that you and your customers will love.

9. WordPress Is Open Source (ie. FREE) Software: Unlike expensive software programs such as Dreamweaver, WordPress is free software. You don’t have to purchase a license or anything additional if you don’t want to. Its equally available to all.

We love WordPress and we think you will too. If you have any questions about WordPress, give us a call at 519-266-6749 Ext. 9 or 1-888-653-2933 Ext. 9

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