SEO Traffic Building and Conversion

Most Websites Don’t Generate Leads

In our workshop you’ll learn how to turn your site into a lead generation engine.

SEO, Traffic Building And Conversion

Getting visitors to your website is key to getting more leads, enquiries and sales. But despite all your SEO and other traffic building efforts, when you get them to your site, they don’t always buy – so lead generation should be the primary focus of every website. If you don’t capture the email addresses of the visitors to your site, when they don’t come back, your efforts at bringing them to the site in the first place, are wasted.

Our one on one coaching on this very important aspect of website ownership and using your website to grow your business will help you to decide on you best strategy for getting the best out of your site. You’ll find out how to create the right content for your site, how to capture leads and how to convert visitors into buyers. If you’re interested in getting serious about your website’s business performance, contact us about getting custom coaching.

There are techniques that can improve the conversion rate on your site. We’ll teach you what they are so you can apply them consistently. Most small businesses don’t do this – you’ll be ahead of the pack.

Key Points

  • Learn why a website by itself won’t generate leads
  • Get help with planning what you can do to turn your new site into a lead generation engine
  • Learn advanced SEO
  • Find out why the structure of your site is of utmost importantce

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