Content Managed Websites

Your Website Will Never Be Out Of Date.

You’ll learn how to update it whenever you want – easily.

Content Managed Websites

Being able to update your own website whenever you want to, and from wherever you want to, is a must. All websites we create are based on content management systems (CMS) which means they are easy for the non-technical user to update. Once we’ve built your site, you have the option to sign up for CMS coaching with us to learn how to update your site, if you need it.

During one on one coaching, We’ll make sure you are absolutely clear about how to add photos, product images, text, video and voice content to your site. Imagine the possibilities!

During our>one on one coaching session you’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask any questions to do with updating your site.

Key Points

  • You will be taught how to update your site
  • You’ll be shown the best way to manage images
  • You’ll learn about your options for image manipulation
  • We’ll show you how to use the WordPress Dashboard to manage your site.
  • We’ll show you how to lay out your page for optimal conversion
  • You’ll understand simple SEO techniques that will make a real difference to your online success especially if you decide to write on your site regularly.

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