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Let us build you a website that looks great, simplifies your workload and attracts more clients!


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Do you know that recent statistics show that over 80% of people over 16  find the businesses that they patronize by searching on the internet? That’s right, over 80%!

Have you considered that you are losing customers to competitors because they have a website and you don’t?

If you don’t know the answer to that – we do.

No Website = Lost Business Opportunities

Old Bakelite telephoneNot having a website today is equivalent to not having a telephone in the 1970s. How can you get new customers if they don’t know you exist?

So what’s holding you back?


handdrawn arrow sm  Afraid that it’s too expensive?

handdrawn arrow sm  Afraid that you don’t understand the technology?

handdrawn arrow sm  Afraid that the process of getting a website is too complicated?

Mango42 is a local business just like you and we’re here to help small, local businesses get a presence on the internet.

We Will Get You Online In Three Easy Steps

The number oneSelect Your Package

Choose from one of our two starter packages:


<Only $362.00>

  • Edit Your Content
  • Smartphone friendly
  • Layout options
  • Google + setup including Google Maps


<Only $877.00>

  • Five web pages
  • Edit Your Content
  • Smartphone friendly
  • Layout options
  • Google + setup including Google Maps
  • Blog/News
  • Social Media Integration
  • SEO
  • Gallery/Portfolio

The number twoSelect Your Design

Choose from any of our professionally designed small business templates. We’ll customize the colours and fonts to fit your business image. We will design and create your website pages. You can expand your website as much as you like by using WordPress.

Our packages allow you to blog, add extra content and add your own HTML items. We do not use Flash, so  your websites will look beautiful no matter on what device they are viewed.

Our list of baseline designs is growing all the time. Take a look at what your website could look like by clicking on the link below. Website Designs

The number threeWe Do The Rest

Simply provide us with your business’ information and any logos, pictures, graphics or videos that you would like included on your website. We can also source images for your site if you don’t have ones to illustrate your business and we include up to 5 stock images in the price of this package.

We’ll make some design suggestions suitable for your market and then – We do the rest! And we make the process fast and painless. Before you know it – you’ve got your website.Get Started