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About UsIreyna Kimberley

You dream it, we build it and customers will come. We will work with your business to create a unique and original website tailored to your needs. Mango42 focuses both on developing a website you will be proud of, and working with you to reflect your business, capitalizing on its strengths, and promoting its growth.
Anthony D

Why Choose Mango42?

Together Ireyna Kimberley and Anthony Daniels have more than 50 years of marketing, computing, and internet technology experience. We provide professional web design for entrepreneurs and business owners who take pride in their business and its relationship to their community.

Why Web Design Specifically For Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses?

The internet has changed the competitive landscape for small businesses. On the one hand, it gives the entrepreneur a tool to grow more dynamically and successfully than ever before. On the other hand, it poses a real challenge to business owners who are not comfortable with new technology.

Don’t have a website? Think you don’t need one. Think again. Not having a website today is like not having a phone number 50 years ago. It’s not a workable option for anyone serious about marketing their business.

Once you understand the importance of having a website and decide that you want a website, or a more effective one, you are faced with a problem. Like many small business owners and entrepreneurs, you probably don’t have the staff and the resources to free up to build a website, let alone a really successful website.

Business owners often fall prey to inexperienced web designers or graphic designers turned web designers – and then they become afflicted with what we call pretty website syndrome. That occurs when a business owner chooses a website designer to provide them with a good-looking website, instead of one that brings in more business. There is a big difference.  It’s not a beauty contest, it’s a business!

Marketing Knowledge, Why It Matters

Web designers with years of hands-on marketing experience make the difference.  Mango42 gives you the synergy of marketing knowledge and design expertise and makes that synergy work for your business. Our knowledge of databases, software, design and digital marketing, and our ability to put all these things together to work for you and your business will bring traffic to your site and customers to your door.  That’s why it matters.

We offer you a formidable team with years of web design and marketing experience, up to the minute internet marketing knowledge and the dedication to our customers.

You will get a site that looks great and gets plenty of traffic  – but more importantly we will also ensure that your website is designed for conversion.  That means the site will be designed to allow your target market to take whatever action you want them to take.

We can coach you in how to weave your daily work into the life-cycle of your website and at the same time increase traffic to your site. Coaching is optional – you may already know how to drive traffic and do search engine optimization for your site so you may not need our help in that area.

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And Finally . . .

Online marketing for small businesses is changing constantly.  Ireyna and Anthony will keep you ahead of the crowd by keeping you up to date with all the changes and best practices.

Mango 42 creates high quality sites at reasonable prices.  That means providing you, the option of updating the site yourself using a Website Content Management System (CMS).  To achieve this we generally use a number of standard WordPress frameworks. – WordPress is our Web CMS of choice.

We help you to choose the right design. Then we configure it , add the bells and whistles to make it perfect for your business.

We can teach you to add your own content or we can add it for you whenever you want the site updated.

We make it simple to become more knowledgeable and self-sufficient. We believe that leads to a better website for your business.

To speak to us about your next website, please contact us for custom pricing or to get one of our standard web design packages.